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Thursday, March 26, 2015

WIP (Crimson Gunship)

Well.. i haven't posted anything since i got back from the hospital. but i can't be away for too long from my workbench. this time i did something i wanted to do for a long time. a crimson gunship. the concept of how this ship actually works is unknown to me.. how?? anti gravity? anywho.. i nice red paint theme to enlist it into the ranks of the crimson forces. this work will be updated periodically until finished. hope you like it.. :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

WIP (Works in progress) 2/7/15

Just started some works this past weekend. working on a big boat.., turned the VAMP that comes in the battle on the docks 50th anniversary vehicle set in to a desert cobra vehicle. and did a small flight pod (trouble bubble) into a Cobra Techno Viper Pod. all will get their separate posts once they are all finished.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Retaliation ninja commando 4x4 to Custom Desert Bug

I got this retaliation ninja commando 4x4 some time ago.. did not liked at all.. all black and that arashikage logo was like way out of place.. so i tool it apart and decided to create something way cooler than just a piece of black plastic with wheels. i thing i can still give it a bit more details, so if i do.. updates will be posted in the same post.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Zoids customs Irvine's Command Wolf

This custom is from the series Zoids. i was a huge fan for a while, until CN canceled the block and there was no more toys to buy (lolz) i always liked Irvine's command wolf.. it was a giant wolf type robot.. but the guy customized it to his style. so i went one day and got a new command wolf just to do this custom.

Custom Nano BAT's

Since most of my internet customizers pals do figures i was push to try it myself. i did this small custom the 1st time i read about the nano bat's concept. and i am one HUGE Cobra Bats fan. i decided to give it a shot and well.. this was my end result. many said it was really good and i did a great 1st time attempt. still.. i have done really little customs on figures.

Custom Cabra Maggot desert theme

This is a work i am still doing for myself. always liked the Cobra Maggot as a kid. and i could not help to drag it into the desert theme. i wanted to go for not only an ageing look but also a harsh enviroment look proven on the conditions of the tank and also the pilot. i man not too fond of custom figures. but i did something there with that driver (WORMS) the helmet i epoxy cloned from an Arah Maggot driver. the antenna from a figures strap (the ones that hold the figures) the front piece cannon is from an 30th Anniversary Ice Dagger and the side basket and rolled cloth from the 25th Arctic hiss tank.

Plexiglass workshop. clear displays for collectibles.

Well this one cool thing i also do and work with. Plexiglass displays. i started doing this as a hobby of mine so i could create my own displays for figures i deemed worthy of keeping dust safe because they where vintage. but since i was so proud on how they turned out i started posting them on different sites. it wasn't long before another user asked me to made one for him. and from there i have done like idk.. 25+ pieces. one thing i like about this is working with measurements.. i just like the math in it. so here are some examples of the ones i have done. i am currently working on shipping costs since these things don't come cheap. material is expensive and shipping by weight is not a big help. but i am sure i will find a way to reduce shipping costs and guarantee an affordable piece for those like me who like their collections to be neat,safe and secure.